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Checkbook Control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX

John Worley - Sunday, October 15, 2017

The advantages of checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX are significant for those who would like greater control over growing their retirement funds.  Checkbook control can provide you with signing authority over your retirement funds without delays or fees. By forming an LLC, you become the manager of both the LLC and your funds. The flexibility and freedom to invest your retirement funds, without waiting for the permission of the IRA control custodian, increases the potential to grow your  funds. Furthermore, checkbook control enables you to act quickly on investment opportunities before they are lost to you. Checkbook control IRA LLC's  in Dallas, TX are issued a tax ID number and are approved by the IRS and tax courts. John Worley, Attorney at Law can provide the legal expertise you require to set up your checkbook control LLC today.

Checkbook Control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX

With checkbook control,  you have the opportunity to take advantage of nontraditional investments. For example, you can invest in precious metals, private lending, tax liens, private businesses, franchises, real estate and others. While you may continue to have an IRA control custodian, you pay only a small annual fee, if they are required to oversee your account. In addition, if you also have a 401K, or additional IRA's, you may be able to roll them over into your LLC for greater investment opportunity.

Checkbook control is especially beneficial for investments that require immediate payment using cash, certified check, or money order. Examples of this type of investment include tax lien and deed auctions, foreclosure auctions, real estate short-sales, and sheriff’s sales. With checkbook control, you will no longer risk missing out on time limited opportunities.

The Steps to Checkbook Control

Deciding where you want to invest your retirement funds is the first step. Research your chosen industry, and seek professional advice. John Worley, Attorney at Law has extensive experience with checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX. We can assist you to establish a solid investment strategy for increasing your wealth and securing your retirement.

The next step is the establishment of your LLC, owned by your IRA, the preparation and filing of the Certificate of Formation, and applying for a federal tax identification number. Once these steps are complete, you can open a bank account in the LLC's name, where you will have complete signing authority for approved investment purposes.  With a checkbook in hand, you can act immediately on investment opportunities, and repairs or maintenance needs for your LLC without waiting for a custodian's approval.

Manager Responsibility

Without a custodian over your account, it will be up to you to recognize a qualified investment. It will also be your responsibility to provide due diligence. For example, it is up to you to be aware of the costs involved, and other factors that may affect your LLC. This responsibility includes closely monitoring your portfolio, ensuring the capital is preserved, how much to invest, and when to divest.

Equally important is ensuring the compliance of all state laws and IRS rules affecting your LLC. Remember, your checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX  is a legal business and subject to the rules and laws of any other business. Furthermore, as manager of your LLC, you are responsible for the bookkeeping and record keeping of all transactions. Being thoroughly informed and aware of all the aspects involving your LLC can prevent your being penalized.

The Pros and Cons in Summary

  • Possessing checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX provides you with fast access to your IRA funds.
  • With checkbook control, you have access without authorization delays, or bureaucratic interference. You can take advantage of investment opportunities by simply writing a check.
  • Provides a wider variety of investments to choose from, and the ability to act quickly when opportunities arise.
  • Can eliminate the transaction fees of an IRA control custodian, who receives only a small annual fee.
  • If your investments also include funds in other retirement plans that do not allow you the freedom to invest, the Checkbook IRA can provide a solution. You can rollover or transfer those funds tax-free into your checkbook control IRA LLC in Dallas, TX and start investing.
  • The checkbook IRA offers the advantages of a traditional IRA and more. The IRA LLC allows all profit, gains and income generated by the investment to go back to the IRA on a tax-deferred basis.
  • The disadvantages tend to fall under the manager's responsibility. You are responsible to uphold state laws and IRS rules. In addition, as with any other business, you are responsible to provide proper stewardship of your LLC and its funds.
  • There is also risk involved when you forgo a custodians experience and expertise in overseeing your account. For example, the custodian ensures your taxes are paid on time, and that you do not commit to a non-approved investment or engage in a prohibited transaction, to name a few of their responsibilities. In addition, as the manager of your checkbook control IRA LLC in Dallas, TX, you will not have a custodian's experience, which may lead you to make a bad investment . This can deplete your retirement portfolio completely. If you have specialized knowledge in the area of an approved investment, your chances of success may be higher in the area of your specialty.
  • A common mistake investors make with checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX is engaging in a prohibited transaction, which means doing something that directly or indirectly benefits yourself or a related party. The rules governing the structure are based on tax laws and rules that are best understood by a qualified attorney.

We Can Help

John Worley, Attorney at Law can assist you every step of the way, providing a solid foundation for your checkbook control IRA LLC's in Dallas, TX. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment, and let's get started growing your investment potential.
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